Gas Central Heating

We are agents for Braemar and Brivis gas ducted central heating systems.   For maximum efficiency we use the High Efficiency range of furnaces.  In Armidale and the region we don’t have natural gas but do have access to LP gas.  If you choose gas heating you will need to organise a supplier for your gas via a refillable bottle or an exchange system.

Ducted gas heating works with a heating unit (furnace) connected to a series of outlets via a system of ducts.  The outlets are strategically placed throughout either in the floor or ceiling.    The system recirculates air by drawing it through a return grille where it flows through the heater and is warmed.  A fan inside the furnace circulates it into the rooms via the outlets/duct network in the form of a steady, gentle supply of warm air.

Once the temperature inside reaches your pre-set temperature the burners inside the heating unit switch off.  The fan then comes to a halt slowly ensuring that all the remaining heat inside the unit is used.

A controller mounted indoors monitors the air temperature on a regular basis to ensure a consistently warm air temperature throughout.