Whether it’s a single split system to condition one room or office, a ducted system to condition the whole home or a commercial system our technicians are experienced installers and will work with you, the customer, regarding placement, energy efficiencies, and asthetics.

We ensure that all systems installed by ourselves are installed following the recommendations and standards as specified by the manufacturer, ARC (Australian Refrigeration Council) and Australian Standards.


An indoor unit will be installed inside the premises depending on the model.  In the case of a hi-wall the indoor is mounted onto the wall, a cassette into the ceiling, and floor mounted, standing on the floor.  A set of copper refrigerant pipes and cables will be connected from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.  These are covered by plastic covers.  The outdoor unit is positioned on a wall bracket or concrete slab.  
For warranty purposes, air conditioners must have a separate power supply from the switchboard.  An electrician needs to be engaged to supply the specified electrical circuit.

Ducted (air conditioning and gas)

The indoor system is mounted indoors, generally in the roof space or under the floor where it is out of sight.  A system of flexible ductwork is installed with vents to each room to be conditioned.  We ensure that fully insulated energy efficient duct is used to minimise any temperature loss.  Air is delivered via ceiling vents or floor grilles.  We recommend some thought be given to furniture placement and room use to ensure the grilles are kept free and ceiling vents are not blowing air directly onto people.  A controller will be mounted on the wall.  The outdoor condenser will be mounted on a concrete pad outdoors.  Whilst the condensers are very quiet we do recommend installing these away from bedrooms or outdoor entertaining areas.  Consideration also needs to be given to proximity to neighbors.